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Since it was released almost 30 years ago, McAfee has made a significant impact on online security. In fact, this program has been one of the strongest weapons for fighting all kinds of malware. That is why it is not a surprise that millions of people from all around the world are using it. This antivirus provides amazing protection both online and offline, but is also celebrated for being easy to use.

One of the things that were troubling users in the past was that the antivirus used to crash often. However, that problem is in the past since Intel Security acquired this antivirus. The company made a lot of improvements, making the program one of the best antiviruses in the world today. You can be certain that anti-virus is going to keep your PC safe 24/7. Even if problems do occur, McAfee tech support Canada will deal with them.

In truth, you can solve the most common issues with this anti-virus on your own. Still, it may cost you a lot of time. In fact, that is the number one reason why people decide to call tech support number for McAfee Canada +1-844-478-5758. The support agents have the tools and the knowledge needed to make the problems go away.

List of Most-Common Issues

Today, McAfee is a leader among antimalware programs. It is guaranteed that it will keep your computer safe. You can freely browse the internet without any worry that someone might steal your data. This means that you should have no worries when shopping online, as this antivirus is keeping you safe. On top of everything, it also provides protection from boring spam message.

With all of this in mind, it is important for this program to be active all the time. If something is preventing it from doing its job, you need to contact McAfee helpline. Some of the most frequent issues include these:

Antivirus is not working– if application is not working at all, you need to call on McAfee support number +1-844-478-5758 right away. It is an urgent problem, given that without an antivirus, your computer is exposed to lots of risks.

McAfee Support Canada

Failed installation– this problem is usually caused by the computer not matching the system requirements. That is why before installing, make sure to check whether the PC is compatible with it.

Problems with updates– if the program is downloading updates too often, you need to make certain changes in the settings. Instead of trying to figure it out on your own, give a call to the McAfee customer support number +1-844-478-5758.

Antivirus blocks certain apps– if you have many applications on your device, they might get into conflict with the antivirus. Get in touch with the tech support to get rid of this issue!

Aggressive firewall– if you can’t access certain websites because the antivirus is preventing you, it means that the firewall is too aggressive. The good news is that this issue can be solved easily by calling the McAfee customer care number +1-844-478-5758.

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How to Contact McAfee Customer Support Canada?

If something that is not on this list is causing you problems, feel free to give a call to the toll-free phone number +1-844-478-5758. Not only will it save you the nerves, but also plenty of your precious time.

If you live in Canada you can solve your issues in several ways. You can send an email to the official support, but it can take a while until they respond. A much quicker way is to ask an independent tech support for help.

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